Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Successful Website Design Starts with "Keywords" that have Traffic

80% of print advertising does not work, a web site will give you the highest return on your marketing investment...

On the Internet your target market is looking for you.
85% of your site visitors will find you through a search engine so your "keywords" are the highest priority. Website design focused on your "keywords" to market your product or service is our goal. Keywords are what someone types into a search engine such as Google or Bing to find your product or service. Website Design starts with keyword optimization marketing for the search engines requires research to be done to find out which keywords have the most traffic, what are people actually typing into the search engines.

The root of all success in search engine marketing begins with "keywords". Period!
Get them wrong and virtually everything about your online endeavor will fail. Only by targeting the right website design "keywords" can you expect to ride that exhilarating magic carpet to online prosperity. You have to fish where the fish are so I start with "Keyword Research" to find out where the Internet traffic is for your product or service.

Having the best looking web site won't give your business any benefit if it can't be found.
Registering your URL with all the major search engines won't give your pages a decent shot at appearing on the coveted "page one" of the search engine results unless it is backed up with targeted keyword research, search engine optimization and an incoming linking campaign.

First impressions are a critical ingredient for a successful website.
A website design that loads quickly, is graphically appealing, functional and easy to navigate will attract and hold visitors much longer than a website design that ignores these factors. A web presence should reflect the qualities, personality and soul of your business. I understand these concepts and as a result can help you create a website design that will meet your goals and expectations.

Keep in mind when it comes to website design it does not matter what your staff likes, what your wife or girlfriend likes, what you like or what I like. It only matters what your "target market" likes. You want to attract more of your "target market" to make more sales. I will coach you through this process.

  • Error free, effective website design
  • Keyword research to focus on your target market and find the traffic
  • Your website design is optimized for your keywords for highest search engine rankings and more traffic
  • I increase traffic on the average of 33% or more over your old website design
  • I use a proven marketing formula for more inquiries, after you get them to your web site lead them to becoming a satisfied customer
  • Internet Marketing gives you the highest ROI (Return on your Investment) for your marketing dollars
  • I put all the pieces together for a successful web site; keywords, optimization, website design, marketing, for more traffic, and more sales


"Ron Hilbert always surpasses expectations. From his high quality website SEO design work to instantaneous replies to our communication, from his timely willingness to share important new Internet search engine information to his friendly email signature "Have a Great Day", Ron is a knowledge and talent based professional who kindly and quickly takes on productions or problems and ideally creates solutions. Furthermore, the referral business we have sent to him feels exactly the same.

I have been a customer of Ron Hilbert's for over eleven years. The success of my business is significantly tied to my long standing and rewarding relationship with Ron and Confluence Internet Services. I and so many others are infinitely impressed with him as a person and web site designer. I feel you would do the Internet world a favor by selecting him as your "Web Site Designer" so that many, many others would get to know Confluence Internet Services and benefit from his first rate service."
Ken Streater,
Destination Wilderness


Receive a FREE web-site and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis. This includes a review of hit reports (website statics), Meta tags and site navigation. Suggestions regarding internet marketing and strategic options are included as part of this report.

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