Internet Marketing

Why Internet Marketing?

Because 80% of print advertising does not work...
Your website will give you the biggest BANG for your marketing dollars.

On the Internet your target market is looking for you. 85% of your site visitors will find you through a search engine so your internet marketing keywords are the highest priority. Web design focused on your keywords to market your product or services online is the goal.

  • Internet Marketing (YOUR WEB SITE) gives you the highest ROI on your investment
  • We do keyword research to focus on your target market
  • Your site is optimized for your keywords for highest search engine rankings
  • We use a proven marketing formula for more inquiries
  • Increase traffic on the average of 30% or more over your old web site
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers
  • We put it all together; design, keywords, optimization, marketing, more traffic, and more sales

Studies of hundreds of web site designs have shown that successful web sites share common elements. Web Site design matters most to the affluent. More than 70 percent of those earning more than $75,000 per year say that they will not shop on a poorly designed site. Consequently, we have created a formula to help you and your team benefit by learning what you can do immediately to improve the effectiveness of your web site design, navigation and its overall strategy. It is our desire to help all businesses, everywhere, maximize the potential of the Internet regardless of your physical location.

Creating a new Web site and design?
First impressions are a critical ingredient for a successful web site. A web design that is graphically appealing, functional and easy to navigate will attract and hold visitors much longer than a web design that ignores these factors. A web presence should reflect the qualities, personality and soul of your business. We understand these concepts and as a result can help you create a web site design that will meet your goals and expectations.

Web Site not working? Not being found in the Search Engines?
Is it time for a re-vamp of your web site? We can help you with a graphical re-design of the interface, focus on clear communication of your marketing message for this media, organization of your web site and optimization for the search engines. Bring your web site into the core of your business and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. Have you done your marketing research?

It's a well-known fact in marketing circles that web surfers will not wait for slow pages to download. They want instant gratification and if they cannot get that from you and your site, they will just click on to the next site, giving your competitor the business.

Just as you cannot know the price of building a house until the contractor knows what it will be like, a web designer cannot estimate your costs without assessing your particular situation in a preliminary interview and site map. The more complete information you provide, the more accurate the web designer's assessment will be. Your investment in your web site is an hourly fee. Call now for an estimate and pricing information. 541-672-2288 or fill out this form for a FREE Web Site Analysis.


"Ron Hilbert always surpasses expectations. From his high quality design work to instantaneous replies to our communication, from his timely willingness to share important new Internet search engine information to his friendly email signature "Have a Great Day", Ron is a knowledge and talent based professional who kindly and quickly takes on productions or problems and ideally creates solutions. Furthermore, the referral business we have sent to him feels exactly the same. A case in point follows:

We were contacted by an affiliate of ours who was desperately seeking help and advice. A national television show was going to air a story on his business. Our affiliate had a lousy website which was complicated by the fact that his hosting service was not willing to quickly nor easily release its hold. We suggested Ron, knowing that he would do everything in his power to help. Three days later our affiliate had a gorgeous website for the world to see and Ron had another ecstatic and satisfied customer.

I have been a customer of Ron Hilbert's for ten years. The success of my business is significantly tied to my long standing and rewarding relationship with Ron and Confluence Internet Services. I and so many others are infinitely impressed with him as a person and web designer. I feel you would do the Internet world a favor by selecting him as your "Most Dependable Web Designer" so that many, many others would get to know Confluence Internet Services and benefit from its first rate service.
Ken Streater
Destination Wilderness


Receive a FREE web-site and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis. This includes a review of hit reports (website statics), Meta tags and site navigation. Suggestions regarding internet marketing and strategic options are included as part of this report.

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