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What is your goal for email marketing?
Are you doing email marketing?
71% of businesses use email as a first contact vs the phone.

Why should you do email marketing?
Anyone who does pay-per-click advertising knows the cost to acquire a customer is rising. Forrester Research tells us that web sites have become the main hub of marketing for businesses large and small. 60% of the people who visit your web site are not ready to buy. They are doing their research and creating their "short list" of who to go with. So this is your time up to bat - Maybe you will get on base or hit a home run. Yes, 60% defect before their first purchase. 40% will defect before their second purchase. So it is important to keep in touch with your clients. If you can reduce your customer loss by 5% your profits will be up by 20%.

Juniper Research says that "permission based email marketing" increases net profits 18 times more than broadcast marketing. Fewer than 11% of companies are implementing contextually relevant messages driven by segmentation, triggering and targeting of content, or personal, relevant, respectful and timely email messages.

It is clear that old tactics just are not going to succeed. Deliverability is an issue; getting to the in-box is the key to email marketing success. 20% don't get through even with "permission". 54% of email users use a spam filter.

Email Design for Delivery:
Email subscribers have a lot of choice as to how they interact with your email. Design has to be flexible enough to deliver your message in various media formats that work. This goes beyond HTML. Viewing images is optional for 50% of all email. Emails must be properly designed to achieve your goals even if they are not seeing your images. Design with the "preview pane" in mind. Remember the 6 second rule; have an engaging "subject line" (Headline) or it will be trashed.

  1. 20K to 40K maximum email size.
  2. Don't use all caps in a email title.
  3. Avoid symbols like !!!$$$***.
  4. Avoid phrases; Click Here, Free for a limited time, Special Offer, Sale..
  5. Avoid bright colors and large fonts.
  6. Avoid the newsletter look
  7. Some images are known to trip spam filters.
  8. Don't use a date and month
  9. Never put video in an email, link to it.
  10. Always use the same "from" address.
  11. Remove bounced emails from your list (30% are removed every year due to unsubscribers and bad email addresses)
  12. Are you CAN-SPAM and RFC compliant?
  13. Make sure they know who the email is coming from.
  14. Never send an email before 11:00am in a specific time zone.
  15. Friday is the best for most businesses, but test it for your business.
  16. Use an HTML validation service
  17. Check the guidelines offered by

State that you will only send an email when you have a need to communicate. Do not use free email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, etc. Free email accounts are heavily filtered and information request messages may not be received. Request they add your email address to their address list, safe list or book to prevent being filtered out by spam software.

Make your marketing email campaign content relevant and timely. Serve, don't sell, and educate your client. Put them in control. Messages should contain useful details such as confirmation of booking, preferences, camping or hotel information, weather information, what to bring, customer satisfaction survey, preferred customer program, downloadable coupon, free downloads, how to get more special offers, introductory offers, items they can add to there trip, etc. Don't give then any more hurdles than necessary. Protect their personal information and post a clear privacy policy statement.


"I hired Ron Hilbert's Confluence Internet Services to help improve the online visibility of Mariah Wilderness Expeditions. They looked at HTML tags, Meta data, page titles, page text, plus web pages structure, navigation and web media. We are already seeing positive improvements in our web visibility. "
Donna Hunter
Mariah Wilderness Expeditions


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