Back End Website Development

back end applications and programs focus your web site and give better service

Need a back-end program or application?
There might be a need for a calendar, shopping cart or other back-end program. Grow your business by increasing service with back-end programs. We understand these concepts and as a result can help you create a web site that will meet your goals and expectations.

Creating an effective web site is not about being pretty as much as how it works to bring you more business. Create a web site your target market wants to use...

A web site that is functional and easy to navigate will attract and hold visitors much longer than a site that ignores these factors. You need to get your visitor to the information they want in 3 clicks. A dynamic database driven site might be needed to allow web visitors find the information or product or service they want fast. We can help you give better service by providing a custom back-end database to fit your needs.

  1. Online Reservations
  2. Online Event Registration
  3. Online Retail Dealer Search
  4. Online Events Calendar
  5. Online Employee Work Schedule Calendar
  6. Online Ordering/Catalog/Shopping Cart
  7. Online Gift Certificates
  8. Online Credit Card Processing
  9. SSL Secure Transactions (requires a certificate)
  10. Guest Book
  11. Blog
  12. Retailer Dealer Search
  13. B to B Extranet dealer/sales rep ordering
  14. Online Surveys
  15. Photo Gallery (program with post card)
  16. Banner Ad management
  17. Flash/3D Animation
  18. Slide Show (Java)
  19. Streaming Slide Show
  20. Streaming Audio
  21. Streaming Video (SD & HD)
  22. Security Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) for email forms
  23. Email Collecting in a Database
  24. Email Newsletter/Specials/Sales (email marketing tool)

We have had experience with all of these applications and more.


Here is a list of some of the web design elements, services and back-end applications you can utilize on your Web site. Many times these elements have to be customized for your use. There are may other items that can be used to enhance your communication and users experience as well.

  1. Testimonials
  2. Photo Gallery
  3. Gift Certificates
  4. Events Calendar
  5. Employee Work Schedule Calendar
  6. FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  7. What's New
  8. Press Releases
  9. Employment Posting and application
  10. Contact Us Form
  11. Web Site Search Engine
  12. Company Intranet/Employee Handbook
  13. Investor Information
  14. Links to other sites page (exchange links)
  15. Simple One Page Order Form (java script)
  16. Send this page to a friend (java script)

  1. Domain Name Registration Service
    We can register and maintain your domain name for you.
  2. Web Site Hosting Referral
  3. Search Engine Registration and Optimization (SEO) Service
    This service will provide you with consistent placement of your web site in the major search engines. There are four packages offered.
  4. Monthly Site Maintenance Service
    If you need to update your web site on a regular basis we can help with a maintenance program to fit your needs.
  5. Voice Professional
    Adding audio to your Web site? We can help with a professional voice over artist.
  6. On Camera Professional
    Do you need training videos or demonstration videos? We can help with an experienced actor.


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