SSL Certificate for Secure Online Transactions

securing your web site for transacting online business

95% of secure Web sites worldwide use Secure Server IDs to authenticate themselves and to enable SSL encryption to protect sensitive data and transactions.

Important information if your responsible for:

  • Encrypting online credit card transactions
  • Securing corporate intranets
  • Protecting partner or customersextranets


Businesses that accept transactions via the Web can gain a competitive edge by reaching a worldwide audience, at very low cost. But the Web poses a unique set of security issues, which businesses must address at the outset to minimize risk. Customers will submit information via the Web only if they are confident that their personal information, such as credit card numbers, financial data, or medical history, is secure.

Conlluence Internet Services offers solutions for electronic commerce and communication, with a low-cost, proven solution for securely conducting business over the Web. By installing a Secure Server ID SSL Certificate. You can securely collect sensitive information online, and increase business by giving your customers confidence that their transactions are safe.

Immediately after installing the Secure Server ID, you can establish secure communications with any customer using a browser from Netscape or Microsoft. This proven technology is in use now— by the top e-commerce sites, all of the Fortune 500 companies with a Web presence, and thousands of other leading sites.

Acquiring airtight security for your Web site is as easy as installing a Secure Server ID. The installation process turns on the SSL encryption capabilities already built into the Web server software. Immediately after installing the Server ID, you can communicate securely with the tens of millions of potential customers who use Netscape and Microsoft browsers.

You may purchase an individual Secure Server ID Certificate for around $150 (price may very) for a full year. If you purchase an individual Certificate your domain name will show in the Certificate verification and link. To obtain your Secure Server ID or purchase one of our other services, which include either a full one-year Secure Server ID or a Global Server ID, let your account representative know at 541-672-2288

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