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will you get your share of the market, or are you losing it to your competitors?

Consumers spent nearly 4 billion on-line in August 2009!

Build your business with an on-line store
Your On-line Store and shopping cart makes it easy for you to sell your products on-line. You don't need to know how to do any programming unless you need a custom addition. If you can type you can open your own on-line Store!

Make More Money"Faced with an unprecedented slowdown in the economy and ever-demanding consumers, retailers are turning to technology to find new ways to cut costs, add incremental revenue, and strengthen consumer relationships. The typical US retailer reinvests 4.3% of revenues in technologies like an on-line store and shopping cart technology. This technology investment gives retailers the biggest bang for the buck!" (Forrester's Marketing Research)

ROI (return on investment) is the measuring stick for all marketing. Stop wasting money on poor advertising. Get more new customers to bring in more profitable sales and increase your customer service with an on-line store..

Sample On-Line Store ROI
Small Business Annual Gross Sales: $350,000
On-line Store Average Annual Increase in Sales by 10%: $35,000
CGOS* assuming a 35% GPM:** -$22,750
Gross Profit is: $12,250
First Year Investment in your On-line Store:*** $ 1,449
Your ROI (return on investment) is: 8.45 to 1
You invested $1,449 to get $12,250 (8.45 x 1,449 = $12,244 or a 8.45 to 1 return)

The typical US retailer reinvests 4.3% of revenues in all technologies annually, such as CRM (customer relationship management), and shopping cart technology or $15,050 annually in this example. This investment is only 11% of the average technology budget, but gives you a measurable return on your investment.

  Ready to Grow your Business & Profits

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***First year investment is a one-time shopping cart program set-up fee, the monthly Hosting Fee, SSL Certificate, and Gateway Fee if you have automatic credit card processing (Merchant Account fees will also be charged by your bank on each transaction)
Art work and design layout may be necessary for your shopping cart
ROI (return on investment) - minimum acceptable ROI is 2 to 1 for investments
*CGOS (cost of goods sold) - what you paid for your inventory
**GPM (gross profit margin) - what you mark up your inventory for retail sales
NOTE: Accounting standards do not include overhead in ROI calculations.
Individual product performance may vary, 10% is taken as an average from client experience.

  • High R.O.I. (return on investment)
  • Outperform your competitors
  • Sell more without increasing your staff
  • Sell to anyone anywhere
  • Open 24/7. Sell your products or services on-line while you sleep
  • More money through Increased gross sales by an average of 10% or more
  • You control and manage your store from any web browser
  • You choose the features you want in your store
  • Monitor your success through various reports
  • Better customer service
  • Free marketing tips

  • You are in Control
  • Fast and easy setup no HTML or programming knowledge required
  • Instantly receive your orders by email
  • Reports on sales, traffic and other valuable information.
  • Shopping Cart/Cart that simply snaps into any existing web site with a hypertext link
  • Your Product Catalog includes: manufacturer, product name, product description, product model, product quantity in stock, product image, product price, product price, weight for shipping, credit cards accepted, billing and shipping information, tax class (taxable yes/no), tax rate, thank you for purchasing page.
  • Payment Gateway (credit card processing such as
  • On-Line, real-time secure credit card processing if you have high volume
  • Secured transaction processing using SSL technology
  • Email confirmation of your orders
  • Unlimited products search engine
  • Automated e-mail confirmation to all customers
  • 24/7 merchant access and edit capabilities through a browser
  • Opt-in mailing list, where people can join a newsletter list or agree to receive promotional information from you.
  • Up-sell feature, if you buy this item, here is another item that other people have bought that you might like.
  • Banner ad management; place your own banner ads for products or sell banner ads.
  • Specials or closeouts, listing in percent of amount or exact amount with expiration date so it expires automatically.
  • Customer reviews, testimonies from customers on a specific product.
  • What's New, new products, services.
  • Multiple language option. (English, Spanish, French, German, etc.)
  • Multiple currency option. (US dollar, Euro, Deutsche Mark, Spanish Peseta, etc.)
  • Your own domain name ( if you do not have one we reccoment

Small businesses expect to earn $4 for every $1 they spend on their Web sites. - AMI Partners

We can customize parts of this program as well...

There may be additional production charges for special requests, image work, graphics work or other web page development at $75 per hour. New domain name registration is extra or to transfer a domain name, Private SSL Secure Certificate is $145 annually, and any merchant account fees are extra. Programming may be required by a independant PHP programmer for some custom additions.


What can I sell using my Internet Store's Shopping Cart?
Anything that is legal. Everything from travel, flowers, gifts, office supplies, T Shirts, Real Estate to information services, it's all good.

How long of a lease do I have to commit to?
All e-commerce solutions are available without leases. No long term commitments. It's pay as you go to your host.

What if I don't have a merchant account?
You will need a merchant account through a bank for them to deposit your processed credit cards revenue.

Can I still use your services even if I already have a merchant account?
Yes. You can have the orders emailed to you or if you have high volume they can be processed on-line in real time.

How many products can I have on my web site?
You can have an unlimited number of products.

What about Security?
You will have to purchase a SSL Secure Certificate which renews annually. We can help you with all the details. You may also need to be on a PCI compliant server for your creidt card company.

What does the Shopping Cart look like?
You can view a basic Shopping Cart at DIG Music. Here is a client's site

What does the Administration System Interface look like?
You can view the Administration System in our on-line demo.

What do I need to get started?
Complete the form below, obtain a "merchant account" to accept credit cards and get a domain name (we reccomend Your web site hosting that is PCI compliant (we can help you with this) and an SSL Certificate.

Please fill in the email form and we will get you more information, or call 541-672-2288

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