Company Extranet Portal Development for your Clients

what is a business to business "external" extranet?

This is truly bringing technology into the core of your business. A password protected web site for your retailers, distributors and sales reps. A site where the people who buy your products wholesale can purchase them without calling or faxing you anytime of the day or night. No busy signals, leaving messages on voice mail and waiting for a return call or waiting until tomorrow when you are back in your office because they called three minutes after you closed or time zone issues. Grow your business by being more accessible, time efficient, professional, and cost effective. A site where your sales professionals can place orders, check inventory, customer credit information, pre-season purchasing or sales history for planning this years purchases, check on back orders and when those back orders expect to be filled, etc. You give better service to your customers and in most cases can reduce your staff size or allow them more time to make additional sales calls to find new clients. Middlemen are removed from the value chain.

You can have "downloading" of your company approved logo, photos of your products for your customers catalogs/ads, sample ads, hang tag art work, spec. sheets, etc.

This is done with back end databases and the client does all the input for you. The data in the database can be integrated into most accounting systems.


We can help you in developing your company Extranet with password protected areas, order forms, warranty claims forms, audio and video for training on the features of your product or service . All of this is accessible on the Web for all of your distributors, resellers and professional sales representatives but is password protected so only the people you approve can have access to it.

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