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Welcome to the Confluence Internet Services Inc. employment listings! Thank you for selecting us as a place you might like to work and become part of our productive team, helping people find the best SEO, Web Design and back-end services. If you have any questions that can't be answered here please email me

Ronald D. Hilbert



Requirements If you're the right individual for the job, you'll be able to clearly discuss how you:

  • Have multiple years experience as a sales profession
  • Are 100% fluent in technology language
  • Eat, sleep and breathe prospecting and sales goals
  • Possess extreme awareness, sensitivity, and demonstrated capability in building relationships with clients
  • Possess very strong track record

The following are highly desirable: Experience with Microsoft Word, ACT CRM (Customer Rrelations Management), Email and attaching files,

An employee's general duties include the responsibility to promote the success and welfare of the Business by conscientiously serving its clients. It is the highest priority that the client comes first. In sales, in service, and maintenance. You are here to service the client, and help him/her make decisions on what's right for them. To promptly correct as soon as possible any problem they may encounter. The client comes first... Be honest with clients and be thorough. In short be professional! The value of customer satisfaction is an asset to any business.

Your role as an employee is an important part of the formula for success of this business.


Employment at this company is employment "at the will" of the employer and employee. Employment can be terminated by either party with or without cause and with or without notice. This is our full and complete policy. All prior agreements are null and void and any agreement to modify has to be set forth in writing and signed by the President of Confluence Internet Services Inc.

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